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AcuLaser C1700, CX17 and variants: Print quality troubleshooting guide


  • Troubleshooting print quality issues
  • AcuLaser C1700, CX17 and variants


To solve print quality issues with your AcuLaser C1700 or CX17, compare your printouts with one of the examples shown below and then follow the troubleshooting steps.


For further information on printer maintenance, media handling and recommended settings, see your user guide which is available from the Epson Support Website.

  1. Vertical white lines or gaps in printouts

    Vertical white lines in printout


    The print head is obstructed by loose toner or a toner cartridge is incorrectly installed. To clean the print head window, see How to clean the print head window on the AcuLaser C1700, CX17 and variants.

    If the issue persists, remove and reinstall the toner cartridges:

  2. Colour registration is out of alignment


    If you experience issues with text appearing with a shadow or a cast of a different colour, you can clean the Colour Toner Density (CTD) sensor but you can carry out a Colour Registration Adjustment on the printer.

  3. Smudging, smearing or "brush effect", or black marks on the back of the page

    Smudged prints Marks on the back of the page


    Carry out the following checks and actions:

    • Use genuine Epson toner cartridges. The toner in non-genuine toner cartridges may be sticky or not fuse correctly to the media.

    • Check that the media you are using is within specification for the printer, and that you're printing with settings appropriate to it.

    • Run a series of blank sheets of 80gsm media through the printer. If the marks recede as you print, continue until the issue is resolved.

    • Check that the paper path is free from obstruction and clean the media feed roller.

    • Use Epson media or try a different type of media.

    • Adjust the fuser temperature. Refer to your user guide for instructions, or, click here to view the user guide via the Epson support website.

  4. Incorrect colours, e.g. blue is purple, or black is green

    Click on the image to open a larger version in a new window

    click on the image to view the doucment


    Ensure you are using genuine Epson toners, as using non-genuine toners may affect the quality and colours of your printouts. Remove the toner cartridges from the printer and check each one: one of the toner cartridges may be contaminated by toner of another colour, and there may also be a corresponding toner spillage inside the printer. Refer to article How do I remove or replace toner cartridges for the AcuLaser C1700, CX17 and variants? for further information on removing/installing toner cartridges.

  5. The output is too light

    Output is lighter than expected


    Carry out the following checks and actions:

    • The toner cartridges may be low or need to be replaced. Confirm the amount of toner in each toner cartridge.

      • Check the toner level in the Status tab in the Status Monitor window.

      • Replace the toner cartridge as necessary.

    • Confirm that the media is dry and is a supported media type for this printer.

      If not, use the media recommended for the printer (refer to the User's Guide for information on supported media types).

    • Try changing the Paper Type setting in the printer driver.

    • Confirm that the Draft Mode setting has not been selected in the printer driver.

  6. Random Spots/Blurred Images

    Random Spots

    • Ensure that the toner cartridges are installed correctly. Refer to article How do I remove or replace toner cartridges for the AcuLaser C1700, CX17 and variants for instructions on correctly installing the toner cartridges.

    • Ensure you are using genuine Epson toner cartridges.

    • Clean the fusing unit:

      1. Load one sheet of paper and print an image that fills the entire page.

      2. Load the printed sheet with the printed side facing up, and then print a blank sheet of paper.

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